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Client Testimonials 

Sushil , Bothell WA

"In many years as a home owner, I’ve sought help from businesses of varied types. Landscapers, painters, plumbers, electricians etc. Recently, we needed to replace an existing window with a French door and I accidentally stumbled into Josh and his company NW 1st. Contracting. From the initial conversation to inspecting the job, providing the quote to finishing the job, Josh was prompt, beyond reasonable, courteous, professional and very very meticulous about his work. A very polite and young family man, Josh couldn’t have been any better with our expectations. By the time the job was done, not only was I a beyond satisfied customer but a friend of Josh’s as well. I simply couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Laura , Everett WA

"After several shocking estimates, found NW 1st Contracting estimate a great value. Professional, good communication, happily recommend"

Ally, Marysville WA

Josh, Matt, Joshua and Paul- they make a great team and get the job done quickly, efficiently and at a fair price. Amazing and friendly people, dedicated to their craft while still maintaining high level customer service. Thank you for making my dreams become a reality you guys!
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